Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Highlights and Aspect of True Detective

True Detective Season 1 DVD Box set

1.Matthew recently frequently attend major awards ceremony, especially when the performance of the Independent Spirit Award and an Oscar acceptance speech caused, and that gestures, that look, that tone, that attitude, let opera fans shouted "Rust upper body." I do not know Matthew deep into the drama, or opera fans who already play regardless.

2."True Detective" in the "most child Loved" is a drama, but it is Matthew buttock appearance of a large-scale passion play. Although this t-ridden early B-movie baptism, though he was exposed Lutun Tintin, already see without blinking an eye. But "True Detective" in the play still aroused the majority of female fans took pity and motherly love, have felt "can not tolerate." Specific reason not to play through, to look up in person.

3.While "True Detective," from beginning to end have a kind of straight breath, do not sell any rot point, but in the off screen headrest recently Matthew Woody shoulders, two tempting way to come "intimate photos" outflow, still make they boarded a good group to join the Friends list, is ranked outside the network as one of "the most radical situation radiance of 25 pairs actor".

4."True Detective", Rust went to prison untried prisoners, a line when taking statements, after the Academy Awards in a bright spot, as if to defeat rival Mike Matthew relentless mockery and Taking a loudspeaker - "no matter how you play, we will not give you prizes of."

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