Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Worth to Watch 18 American TV Series-Personal Recommendation

One American TV series is Prison Break which I completed watched from beginning to the end. After Prison Break series, I’ve watched over most American hot and classic series. Be honest I list to 18 series which worth to watch may not meet everyone’s taste, hope this will work on direction of your choice onto your target American TV series.
1, 24 series, it released in year of 2001, coincident to meet 911 terrorism, Fox channel produced this milestone product, the host is an anti-terrorist Jack. For detailed story-lines I don’t need list in here, people who interested in it can easily get more information from network or from some way else. 5 stars recommended index.
2, Friends, a story about six guys funny living-detailed description. Release time is longer over 10 years, this is another classic after Growing Pains series. Comedy fans first choice and 5 stars recommended index.
3, Grey’s Anatomy series. How to say something about this series? Life, love and many ingredients mixed in a pharmaceutical drama, full of vivifying watching experience. 5 stars recommended index.  
4, Boston Legal, 5 stars recommended index. A classic law-related drama show, charming part performances, humor dialogues, stretched plots arrangement, can you find any reasons to not watch this series5 stars recommended index.
5, CSI series, include CSI Las Vegas, CSI NY and CSI Miami, check this series and related series produced history and times, you will find how popular of this series, no more words, 5 stars recommended index.
6, Desperate Housewives, this series is main mall for middle-age house women. Released longer to 8th season verified its watching rates capacity. 4. 5 stars recommended index.
7-15 I list these series for TV fans. The Apprentice, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Weeds, Band of Brothers, The O. C., How I Meet Your Mother, Dexter and Shark series. All set 4 stars recommended.
16, True Blood series, don’t tell me you never heard about this. 5 stars recommended index.
17, Sons of Anarchy series, this series I mean great for all ages audiences and fans. 5 stars recommended index.
18, old saying is great, final come up show is super mall for all. That’s right it’s Breaking Bad, check this series awards records and you also can set 5 stars recommended index for it.
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