Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hot Nurse Jackie Season 5 Watching Comments

Nurse Jackie Season 5 DVD complete watched and I researched some hot comments about this pharmaceutical-related drama. Although many people don’t like this TV series, but existence is reality. So let’s list how people to look girls in show.

There is a nurse, she is alternative uninhibited and unfettered. She would disparage the arrogant doctor who kill the patient because ignoring her suggestion, with persiflage, and refuse to let go. Even though she would steal form a man who assassinated prostitutes and use the money to help others.
She would also forge an organ donation card for a patient who had just passed away. What’s more, she would wash the ears down off from patient down to the drain. What's even worse, she is addicted to drugs and would have sex with pharmaceutics to get the chemicals.

All stories just exist in show, but we never known if such awful plots live in reality. This is Nurse Jackie, having efficiency and strong character. In this hospital in New York, the doctor is not everything. Nurse can also be the master and indispensible. She also has a bunch of colleagues with different personalities. I think this season is getting more and more exciting. When Jackie calm down, all the retributions come true: her husband is going to take their daughter away, Zoey leaves.

As a real fan, I pain for Grace used drugs, even her true lover O’Hara is leaving office for his children. Alas, what a heartbreaking and cruel season! Is it a new start? Or is it a new screw up? Jackie, who attempts to put everything back to normal, is even more endearing. The extinguished candle in the final episode is just like a big lie. How?! Zoey is really an Angel from appearance to heart. How wonderful if Doctor O’Hara could often come back. She is the favorite. It is fantastic. I like Jackie more and more. But does she take drugs again? What would happen next? Now I am going to detach with love... How impressive!
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