Sunday, February 1, 2015

Reasons of Why People Like to Watch Shameless Series

Shameless was pretty damn hardcore in its initial episodes. It changed from the three or four season, adding some comedic elements. Daddy Frank accidentally took Emmy Award for comedy. This episode also clearly reflects this. The contradictions between Big girl Sammy and Sheila show up in funny ways, silly girl Debbie’s scenes almost go around the firm belief of "I just want to be a damn cougar" , persisting but also very funny.

Lan and Mickey deal with anti-faggy with faggy methods, which carry forward the spirit of new generation of Gallagher thoroughly. Lan’s problem is bound to explode at some time. I feel vaguely that it would be a small climax in the story. But it seems the part of Mickey and Lan in the story is too small. Haven’t the creators considered that a large number of fujoshi live on these two characters?

I didn't like Lip is because he looked so unprepossessing. But this is really a resonant role, especially when he lied on the ground silently, after escaped from the fellow workers with jokes. When Lip refused to go to the college in the beginning, he gave Fiona a reason: no one can save us in this shit community, in this shit family, I could not become the Saviour.

This metaphor showed Lip’s whole tone of college life. He is Gallagher. He cannot leave here no matter how smart and capable he becomes. Lip understand this, but also just understand this point. Uncertain about exactly where he is going, he knows more than the audience.

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