Sunday, February 15, 2015

Drama Comments for Watching Nurse Jackie Series

In fact, the reason for getting crash on something or somebody is very simple, just as when you want to go to the toilet just next to wash room, and you are due to know this kind of feeling if you understand me. The reason why I like this series is it is so cool, unbelievable cool, that I sometimes doubt if it is really American drama, especially one actor also having a very nice British accent, ha ha. I love it, out and out!

The people in the series express their felling in a cool way, even when they are fall in love, but also in a very warm way. That is very convincing! I don't believe in poetry love, I think love is when you pushing and shoving each other before you feeling your love. That kind of love when you first feel your love, and then push and shove each other, are not in conformity with the law of conservation of energy!? That is definitely nonsense.

The language of this drama is very elegant and cold humor; "between the lines" have frequently appeared, making me filled with YY pleasure.

Of course, this drama actually is full of R-rated interest: gay (doctors and nurses, not low percentage), drug addict (heroine Jackie himself is serious drug dependence, drug absorbing lens appeared numerous times.), SEX, bloody (some patients in the Hospital) and everything, but it won't let me feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, it gives me pleasure, it mocks some people, some things, some phenomenon; it also quietly asserts the justice, spreads love, makes a person experience the feel of heart touching.
The reason I like this film is it gets better little by little, but then it gets more and more fascinating. Those BGM according to the mood of Jackie, don't you think they are great?

Nurse Jackie season 5 poster

Of course, if I like this drama for only these reasons above, it would make me too superficial. Some of the reasons more deep is details of this drama is very exquisite, such as the crazy character set. Everyone knows that “Crazy man ", usually only the leading film director will carefully implanted a “Crazy man “to his film.”Crazy man" is always important, and attractive. There are many arguments of the “crazy man”. U can search the internet if you’re interested. "Crazy man" is the assurance of a drama! That is to say, if you see more or less "Crazy man" in a movie, then, no doubt, this is a good film with pursuit and expression! This time, the "Crazy man" appeared in an American TV series!

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