Sunday, February 15, 2015

Shameless Review Charter 2-Road to Survive

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This is motion of mine to review shameless series. As a form of entertainment mass media, drama naturally always glamorous show the bright side of the world, suppose who are willing to back home with bad motion, turn on the TV then find there is still much bitterness, so luxurious high society, no impurities the main theme will be an extension of people's obscenity onto the screen, even in the middle of life intrigue, intricate emotions is always the question, money is always in their eyes the dirt. If this is compensation which drama bring to us, that’s could be an awful thing for us.

The theme of hard life in drama show to us is not virgin field, but when someone are using way of humor even in way of mockery to tell stories, you will be shocked by listen to the laughter behind the hidden unforgettable feelings. Drama demonstrated by the United States in the moral bottom line the edge of the urban poor living conditions and brutal struggle style, are allowed to have a decent life exaggerated a black raging temperament. In this movie, although not a child is innocent, but all in the gutter of life sparkling with human glory.

Definition of family in show of Shameless is only in fragments. A little exaggeration, hard to combine a basic unit, Frank Gallagher became only one rely on to the six children after his wife took wings. But as a father, Frank is extremely incompetent, most of his life were spent in a state of alcohol anesthesia, He just idle by defrauding insurance and disability assistance to live, not only in the eyes of the world he is a worthless loser, even in front of their children, he has not the slightest dignity, because in addition to his shame and trouble to the family what have brought not come. He can only be treated as individuals, only having an affair with a married woman Sheila, but this is also a crazy woman. 

Perched on home of a divorced woman who has autism and burdened anguish to play sex game with this woman, only for she did great desserts for him in every accompanying day, wrong to drive him to think that’s normal family life and no men to accuse him. Sometimes in life could be open eyes or could be close eyes, both way are easy to pass all. At the least Frank can find out a bed to survive as all bars noticed suspension to him. Although he live in the world don’t like a normal human being, but he still remains a dress affection of human, and desire there are some people can share life with him, so say to Monica’s come again, this is a big blow to him and drove him into irrational, but no one want to listen this man, though he has huge painful stories, only left a lonely boy shadow in snow. 

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