Sunday, February 1, 2015

Funny Tips for Archer Season 5 DVD Box Set Series

Cartoon Archer Series is a spy drama, but I'd rather treat it as "Office politics" series such as The Office series because it contains much less "adventure plot" than "Office politics plot" and the heroes' complex emotional entanglements. In most cases, what are worries the leading roles are all kinds of trivia in life instead of defeating a tough opponent, no matter the Heroes or the villains. What the protagonist need to do is to decide what to eat for the lunch. Is it about the fate of the world? It's just the god's duty! Is even contains a regular role who is responsible for human resource management, which is very rare in the same kind of cartoon.
Finally! To the end of this season! Becoming a drug dealer is boring, but it's getting "Archer feel" from the middle on. Both E6 and E7 are funny. It's Archer, the girl's daddy! It's ISIS again in next season! Could anyone tell me pregnancy of Tana has nothing to do with Pam's good? Sometimes it's sexism, but Archer is really charming and attractive! It's really a wonderful drama series, love it so much!

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