Monday, March 23, 2015

Episodes Watching Comments for House of Cards Season 3

House of Cards season 3 been ended with right outcome expectation from fans and audiences. Look back performance of season 3 we could imagine that in the fourth season what will happen. But who knows how screenwriters draw the following season? Alas, thing more important is we could ask things about our future.

E1-As a democrat, why did Frank advocate the proposal of abolition welfare? Was he a spy of republican in this camp?

E2-Who can instruct response of Claire-Underwood was making sandwiches in the kitchen, as Claire was asking him to set recess appointment. Abnormally Underwood didn’t make his own response to Claire just ask her if need piece of sandwiches the go away. What the hell about Claire’s response?

Claire in E2

E5-Tell me what’s the meaning in scene of Claire in washing-room.

E6-Oops, we are damn delay to know that Claire is genuine politician; and as a real fan in here I need to refer screenwriter don’t forget that president also is a gay.

E7-Why did destroy a great outcome sand painting? Who can instruct such scene arrangement for us? Screenwriter comes on and done it for me.

E9-Why did Underwood use old-fashion printer, just for hiding something?

E13-So called beauties always gone in a sudden to describe Rachel’s death. But why I was wondering Rachel would dead in coming scenes before this happen? Oops tell me I am a normal person living in the world. Will Rachel come in following season? I guess that hacker is important in the fourth season but hard to prefigure who will become new president.

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