Sunday, March 15, 2015

Perfect Ending, perfect Story-For The Mentalist series

I chased dramas for many years, whether cut or end, has bid farewell to a lot of American TV, many of them beloved "Lost," "Friends" and so on. "The Mentalist" is not the best US drama, nor is it the most popular department, but look at it with a rare perfect ending watching the film, as the brain residual powder really is not the slightest regret.

Contest of The Mentalist and Serial Killer

This drama start on case of serial killer John: Actor Patrick • Jane pretend psychic provocation caused his wife and daughter were killed on television, John, after that he joined the CBI, while Lisbon with their ability to help solve the case group, while the beginning of a decade-long journey of revenge. We can say that we are familiar with John created a simple, that use little tricks to solve the case of the "psychic".  By view TheMentalist season 7 DVD will find that over the past decade with the male life revenge tragedy.

Twists and turns tossing six season and a half, when John's identity revealed, when Jane to strangle him personally wrestled to the ground, a lot of people complain about: the rendering of years, so how much of a serial killer could be killed so easily? I feel like this end screenwriter John's case is to tell you: the world of people and things never deified. Like Jane seemingly magical mind reader in the play, in fact, just rely on your own insight beyond the ordinary to understand others and to whom. John also is an ordinary people, only added after a mysterious organization has more resources than others. He was afraid of pigeons, as someone afraid of dogs or afraid of heights was his own weakness; he also afraid of death, the face of death and most people, would struggle, will cry, will fear, will yield. After < The Mentalist > and not because of the end of John's story line is stopped because of this US drama called "super flu detectives", which tells of Jane's life, either John or Lisbon, CBI or FBI, because Jane presence exist.

The Mentalist

Final of show involves another serial killer, this echoes to original John’s case, Jane caught because he claimed he could psychic. This self-proclaimed Lazarus metamorphosis, because they did not kill psychics make their father had died and to get in touch, but the average person is going to kill the blood "support" that put mummy father. According to the New Testament records, Lazarus resurrection of Jesus Christ was the first person, then the name became "born again" the most important metaphor. Screenwriter for the play to take the last name of the murderer is also suggesting that, after this case, all the past is no longer anything to do with Jane. After that, Jane truly ushered in his new life. Where do you find such perfect ending? Do not get cartoon series Archer season 5 DVD box set to compare with The Mentalist.

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