Monday, March 23, 2015

Tears of Jaws - for Under The Dome Series Watching on DVD

There is only desire of power can’t beat down in various desire, it is like a warrior with swords, sharp and cold, all time in advantage position. The rest desire such as liqueur, beauty and wealth are hard to avoid circumstance like Achille heel.

Under the Dome Poster

In Under The Dome, BigJim always set himself in super power holder position, he perfect shown king’s demeanor on its head in way of conceited, suspicious, arrogant, flexible, tolerance, tough and smart. Strong chest and cold eyes like a deep-sea white shark show off its own super power. I ever imaged that Bigjim was invincible, but I was wrong, Bigjim turn on his eye-sight to Pauline as the later come back the dome then gradually deviated his original orbit. He was lovingly, he was compromised, he was no longer a super dictator.

In final Pauline dead with her prophecy, Bigjim was completely out of control, tears welling on his face, and he begged Dome for Pauline’s resurrection, even give up all his own on the past.

I still remember what he said: “Dome. I'll make you a deal. If you bring her back right now, i won't murder every single one of your special little friends. I won't slit Julia's throat, shoot Barbie in the heart, or burn those kinds alive. You got three seconds—This is the most beautiful words of love which I ever heard. Wish following seasons are more and more exciting.

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