Sunday, March 8, 2015

Past Love Just A Plate of Ort

Recently watched TV series for Covert Affairs, so many things want to bolt out about what’s called real love. Is it true that man will be an idiot as face on affection though how clever they are in normal? Watch parts of Auggie, Annie, I confuse about this question.

I am a who always look ahead, I don’t understand why people easy drive themselves to recall those by gone love. Once one love relationship finished, just like a plate of ort can catch original taste whatever you trace with heart or not. It both work men and women. Affection is a thing like this, it couldn’t be return to origin if you miss time and place. So long as we couldn't trace to the origin, why do we settle us in impasse?

Covert Affairs poster

Sometimes we think things are good which we can’t catch, but reality is that things we can’t catch maybe not always in good. I don’t like skeptical people which hurt in one time love in the past, say to simple, that’s lack of confidence. So I prefer to Auggie is a playboy rather than hear story of his first love girl friend.

Those gone has by gone, things happened constantly existence whatever reasons and original intention. So don’t twist yourself for those bagatelles in your life. I can’t stop myself to think about such relationship as every time I saw Annie and Auggie. I think I will be content with understanding of a trust person accompany with me when I am fighting. As to things no-related to work, I think that’s great without office romance.

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