Sunday, March 1, 2015

Only Demons in Heart-Dracula Review

Ghost only rise from heart, it’s truly don’t come from outside. Van Helsing looks like Freud, which is ghost-hunter in show, there are no any vampires when we watch this show from perspective of Freud, there are social members which all in oppression under Vitoria moral system, may this is genuine reason for population of this show. Those oppression drive people into abyss of pain, and no one can escape from it. It’s obvious the rally same to the pressure in every scene in show of Dracula.

In the beginning we confused for why the vampires only interested in young lady’s blood, according to theory they would be like mosquitoes. Soon later we realized that sucking behavior in here actually a variant of sex, so it’s not hard to understand-we all know screenwriter didn't write gay plots in here. We could say evil spirits lewd, also we could say this creature is a spirit which risen from young women in comprehensive moral repression and secularization of oppression. So we could understand why Mina disease completely disappear as she met a vampire, even like reborn.

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Mina looks like in gentle and modesty, Lucy looks like in sexy and wild, coupled to be two reasonable outlooks of women.  So Lucy has gone in quick in show and Mina survived to continue story to the ending.

A group of men are trying to rescue Mina, but they only provide her a wolfsbane, don’t give her cross; just want to take her in the claustrophobic and compete ownership and control right to her, then don’t provide any weapons for her to fight vampires, so it’s impossible to guard against attack by the vampires.
Of cause we need to understand that the presents of contents in this show is triumph of society, morality, rational to life, desire, and willing.

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