Sunday, March 15, 2015

Trust is the Biggest Obstacle in Man-relationship-for Suits Season 4

Got such opinion for trust is the biggest obstacle between people after watched Suits season 4 DVD box set. Like Mike and Rachel, went through the former seasons of ups and downs, shifting alliances, and finally a happy life together, work correct, to a so-called former Logan season appears, still can’t help but appear a crisis of confidence.


Mike asked: did you love him? Who did say out breakup advance?

Although Rachel repeatedly told Mike, I loved him, but I love you now.

When Mike was holding a private detective material on hand and found that Rachel had lied in the court , so he sit and kept silence most of the day.

You know, every one of the people sitting on the witness stand, must swear a false willing to do for each other person, in addition to absolute love, can’t think of what else reasons.
Mike is probably nervous, not confident, and afraid.... Rachel, this has always been accompanied along the way about a woman, a former colleague, Harvey still subordinates, either emotionally or work, there are too many links, the emergence of a predecessor, and instantly close the tear that a crack between two people.

Fall in love with a person probably is not difficult, but absolutely trust each other but need a lot of years of accumulation, sincerely hope that this right can be a long time to overcome obstacles.

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