Sunday, March 15, 2015

Top comments for Longmire Season 3

Longmire poster

Great things always easy to gain huge praise, also equal negative feedback, that’s funny buy in true. Longmire series is a classic representative in line of such comments , after completely watched whole Longmire season 3 DVD box set and collected the under comments online.

1.       It couldn’t be better, whatever Walt, Vic and “Standing Bear” all in my favorite. Weird western drama style, every role is in the brink of collapse, that’s pretty good, look forward how Branch and Night Horse act in collision in the next season.

2.       Oops, I supposed that’s could be final but screenwriters made a big set in here.

3.       Just want to say-that’s so funny in episode 7, so the following are all in pain?

4.       Oh, be angry for such story line arrangement, why set Branch in such tragic circumstance? We all know fireworks between Vic and you, but that’s enough, you don’t need to get such pain music in show. Oh, damn, I look forward he will die or not in Longmire season 4.

How could we say? Or how could you say something for this series? Compare with shameless series you would most likely to find out something in common by getting Shameless season 5 DVD box set.

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